Giving your life some TLC

Trevallan Lifestyle Centre (TLC) is a 'Suburban Retreat in Ipswich'.

At TLC we aim to create an atmosphere where people can relax and enjoy looking. It's a place where you want to go for a drive and take a look on the weekend.

Trevallan Lifestyle Centre is primarily a garden centre. We won Queensland's Best Small Garden Centre in 2010.

We stock indoor, outdoor, shade and specialty plants, herbs, flower and vegetable seedlings, dwarf and normal fruit trees and non-hybrid seeds, just to name a few.

Trevallan also has things to tickle your senses like Perfect Potions essential oil range, Handmade Japanese and Tibetan incense, scented wood shavings. We also have beautiful decor items, lamps, handbags, jewellery and so much more.

Who are we?

Trevallan Lifestyle Centre is unique!

The services we provide are intertwined with our products and are an integral part of the way we do business. We pot plants up for our customers. We provide free advice on general plant care and garden design. We also provide a free gift wrapping service.

Well, have you ever tried to gift wrap a plant? Good, because we are really good at it!

There is no other shop like TLC in Ipswich.  It’s our innovative approach and uniqueness that differentiates us from our competitors. It’s the way that the typical garden centre concept has been infused with the more modern and broader product lines and concepts.

Staff are interested in what they do, it’s not just a place to work. The staff at TLC have a relationship with their customers and many of their customers have become friends.  Staff don’t just remember customer names, they remember their likes and dislikes.  We remember that customers are planting a garden for function and enjoy helping them and learning how it is going.  

We also offer customers pre-potted plants in decorative pots.


We don't just sell, we undertake inspiring initiatives to encourage you to be apart of the Trevallan Lifestyle - we have Christmas functions, informative talks, loyalty cards, seasonal newsletters written by staff, our facebook page and our blog all keeping you informed and HAPPY!